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2019 Baccalaureate Photos

Posted by Amy Barnard on Jun 3, 2019

"I grew up at Minnehaha. It was my first introduction to community...For a lot of my life I took for granted the type of love that goes on here everyday. In classrooms, teachers encourage us to ask questions. In our advisor groups, we are lifted up with school counseling. At sports games athletes play until their lungs burn and the fans in the student section cheer them on until theirs do too. In the hallways we greet each other with a smile every day.

"This is a community based on encouragement. There is nothing complex or extreme about our love for each other. Its rooted in the tones of our voices and the way our laughter carries, not some wild exclamation. We raise each other up high and we do it happily because this is how we’ve seen the most success. No place is perfect, no group of people is perfect, but I am so proud to see that this class has loved each other, whether we knew it or not, without compromise year after year." — excerpt from Matt Doty's speech.

Topics: Upper School

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