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A Strong Foundation: Upper School Bricks

Posted by Rebekah Peterson on Nov 14, 2018
At Baccalaureate, Dr. Crafton shared with the 2018 graduating class that: "In the Hebrew Scriptures we read about the practice of marking important events with stone monuments to serve as reminders of what had happened in a particular place. In the Hebrew language such a stone was called an ebenezer – literally a stone of help. The purpose was to remind people that something good had happened because God was in that place."
As we rebuild the Upper School, we again will mark this new chapter with bricks, a reminder of God's faithfulness and the good that God has planned for the future students that will walk and learn in this new space.
Dr. Harris recently visited the Denmark company, Peterson Tegl that is crafting the bricks.
Dr. Harris notes, "This company makes handmade bricks, so each brick has its distinct character like a  snowflake and like our students - handmade by God with their distinct gifts and talents. There will be a total of 44,000 bricks used in this project. They will be shipped over by a container ship and should be arriving in about 5 weeks. Because this shingle brick will be mechanically fashioned without mortar, construction workers will not have to build a temporary enclosure to maintain temperature for the mortar, allowing installation to happen during the winter."
President Harris making a handmade brick using a wooden mold - the same process used to make the bricks on Minnehaha's 1912 and 1922 buildings. 
Minnehaha's bricks palletized (meaning they're on a pallet) and ready for shipment - 239 pallets in total.
Derek Hansen (Mortenson),  President Harris,  and Chad Clow (Cuningham) after making bricks at the factory.
The "cover" bricks (same as shingle bricks) in crates with Minnehaha Academy's name.

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