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Art During Distance Learning

Posted by Rebekah Peterson on Apr 15, 2020

20200406_092053Learning about the color wheel can be a fun activity when it involves a color scavenger hunt at home!

Lower School students searched for objects in their homes that represented different colors in the color wheel, then they assembled their wheels. 

Here's how you can make your own found object color wheel:

  1. Get a brown paper bag or a laundry basket and collect items from around the house that are a close match to the 6 different colors of the color wheel. Try for at least 2 items of each color. Look at your toys, pieces of clothing like socks, hats, fruit and veggies, etc.
  2. Now, find a clear place on the floor or on a table, place the color wheel so it will be in the middle, and then arrange your items around the color wheel in order. 

Extra challenge: Sort the items into two groups -- WARM colors and COOL colors. What do you notice about the colors now?

Watch the video from our art teacher to hear more about the color wheel lesson.


Topics: Lower School, Fine Arts, Online Learning

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