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Music Class During Distance Learning

Posted by Rebekah Peterson on Apr 15, 2020

Lower School students experience hands-on music lessons, even while distance learning.

Music teacher Ms. Benson has developed creative lessons for students using simple materials students have in their home. 

In this lesson, students were introduced to four different mallet instruments and their unique sounds. Afterwards, students were instructed to make their own "water xylophone" using glass jars or water glasses and different amounts of water. First, students checked their empty vessels to see what pitch they made. Then students added water to one or more glasses to create three different pitches. They ordered them from low to high and created a tune with their instrument! Through this activity, students discern differences in pitch and decide if they're lower, higher or the same pitch.

Watch the lesson from Ms. Benson below, then view second grader Maverick's submission!


Topics: Lower School, Fine Arts, Online Learning

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