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French Students Take Home Honors for 2020

Posted by Amy Barnard on Jul 23, 2020


Both Middle and High School French students were honored for their hard work this year. Check out their achievements below!

2020 Upper School French Honors

Minnesota Department of Education Certificate of Achievement at the Intermediate Level (Makes the recipient eligible for up to two semesters of credit at Minnesota State Colleges.)

Avary Lessard
Claire Fortier
Julia Harris
Ava Knight
Josh St. Andrew
Max Yepez
Alexis Jacoby
Ethan Lessard


2020 MS French Exams

Middle School French students have acquitted themselves very well again this year on Le Grand Concours (the National French contest).

Seventh Grade French Honors:
In 7th grade we have 5 students, we had 2 honorable mentions:

Honorable Mention
18th Nationally and 5th in Minnesota
Giselle Geyer

19th Nationally and 6th in Minnesota
Miles Léon Kormann


Eighth Grade French Honors:
8th grade has 11 students.

Honorable Mention
16th Nationally and 14th in Minnesota
Oletha Angélique Collins 

19th Nationally and 17th in Minnesota
Aaron Daniel Melling

18th Nationally and 16th in Minnesota
Owen “Paul” Stanley

20th Nationally and 18th in Minnesota
Evelin Ève Garcia Balmaceda


Bronze Medalists
12th Nationally and 10th in Minnesota
Beckett “Bruno” Pilling


Silver Medalists
8th Nationally and 6th in Minnesota
Tito “Cédric” Sanchez

8th Nationally and 6th in Minnesota
Robert “Xavier” Wilson

7th Nationally and 5th in Minnesota
Kana “Adeline” Try


Gold Medalists
4th Nationally and 2nd in Minnesota
Elaina “Célia” Johnson


Félicitations à tous!

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