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Senior Honors: Class of 2019

Posted by Amy Barnard on Jun 12, 2019

2019-Distinguished and National Merit Grads

Oh the places they'll go! 

The class of 2019 wasn't afraid of a little hard work, as evidenced by this year's Senior Honors Night. We're confident that each of these awards demonstrates much more than an Upper School achievement...the character and diligence that lead to the award is the foundation needed for future success. Congrats, Seniors!

Here is a run down of the honors and awards handed out at this year’s Senior Honors Night:


Minnehaha Academy Distinguished Graduates
Christina Cheng ● Arjun Goswitz ● Andrew Mollison ● Carolyn Rowley

Minnehaha Academy 4.0 Scholars
Christina Cheng ● Andrew Mollison ● Anna Pickerign

National Merit Finalists
Christina Cheng ● Samantha Martin ● Andrew Mollison 


 Leadership - Citizenship - Scholarship Awards

AAA Academics, Arts and Athletics Award
Cecelia Schurke ● Luke Wasson

American Legion Citizenship Award
Maxwell Gifford ● Hannah King

Athena Award
Taytum Rhoades

Dennis and Marcia Pearson Award
Lars Askegaard ● Anna Forslund

Minnehaha Academy Exemplary Service Award
Madeleine Danzberger

President’s Award in Arts & Scholarship
Evalin Olson ● Henry Pellegrin

President’s Award in Athletics, Leadership, and Scholarship
Christina Cheng ● Andrew Mollison

Principal’s Leadership Award
Matthew Doty ● Carolyn Rowley

Sons of the American Revolution Award
Jackson Pope


Athletic Awards

Athena Award
Taytum Rhoades

Best Senior Athletes
Taytum Rhoades ● Bennett Theisen


English Department Award

Fitzgerald Award
Andrew Mollison


Mathematics Awards

Council of Presidential Awardees in Math
Christina Cheng ● Han He ● Xiangfeng Kong ● Sirui Qi ● Timo Diep ● Lars Askegaard

Newton Award
Andrew Mollison


Senior Science Award
Christina Cheng


Social Studies Award
Connor Goehring Trempe


Congratulations seniors! We are so proud of your hard work and commitment to excellence. May you continue to find joy and success in the next leg of your journey!

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