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Senior Honors: Class of 2020

Posted by Amy Barnard on Jul 9, 2020


It's been quite the journey for the class of 2020: This group of students passed through three separate buildings (the old Upper School building, Mendota campus, the new 3100 building), saw two shut downs for health safety (norovirus in 2017 and covid-19 this year), watched multiple teams take state championships, and pulled in one award after another for their academic excellence.

"From the explosion to the coronavirus, our class has grown stronger together," says senior Jenna. "Minnehaha seniors have really been through it all. We've learned that things may not go our way or how we expect...but we've learned how to adjust to adversity and how to overcome it. Through it all, the class of 2020 has come out stronger than ever and ready to take on the world."

Here is a run down of the honors and awards handed out at this year’s Senior Honors Night:


Minnehaha Academy Distinguished Graduates
Jack Daenzer ● Annika Johnson ● Andrew Karpenko ● Clara Stein

Minnehaha Academy 4.0 Scholars
Allison Callstrom ● Mia Curtis ● Jack Daenzer ● Annika Johnson ● Andrew Karpenko Tessa Leiner ● Clara Stein ● Brynne Whitman

National Merit Finalists
Jack Daenzer ● Andrew Karpenko ● Clara Stein

National Merit Commended Scholars
Patrick Cullinan ● Samuel Harris ● Annika Johnson 


 Leadership - Citizenship - Scholarship Awards

AAA Academics, Arts and Athletics Award
Jordan Brown ● Andrew Karpenko (also winner at the regional level)

American Legion Citizenship Award
Elaina Drake ● Kaden Johnson

Dennis and Marcia Pearson Award
Arne Christiansen ● Danyelle Robinson

Minnehaha Academy Exemplary Service Award
Trent Chiodo ● McKenzie Thompson

Minnehaha Award
Danyelle Robinson

President’s Award in Arts & Scholarship
Grace Anderson ● Patrick Cullinan

President’s Award in Athletics, Leadership, and Scholarship
Annika Johnson ● Andrew Karpenko

Principal’s Leadership Award
Arne Christiansen ● Mia Curtis

Ruth Berg and John Carlson Servant Leadership Award
Trent LeVahn ● Evelyn Ramgren

Sons of the American Revolution Award
Juliette Kline


Athletic Awards

Athletic Director Josh Thurow called the 2020 class "The greatest athletic class in school history."

Athena Award
Kate Pryor

Best Senior Athletes
Jalen Suggs ● Mia Curtis

Three Sport Athletes
Trace Chiodo ● Arne Christiansen ● Pearl Fallin ● Taly Gentolizo ● Kylee Kassebaum ● Isaac Laddusaw ● Terry Lockett ● Kate Pryor ● Peter Shaffer ● Bennett Thurow


English Department Award

Fitzgerald Award
Clara Stein


Fine Arts Department Awards

John Phillip Sousa Award
Andrew Karpenko

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award
Adam Coles

National School Choral Award
William Hite ● Juliette Kline

Excellence in Theatre Performance Award
Grace Anderson ● Trent Chiodo

Media Arts Award: Excellence in Filmmaking
Arne Christiansen


French Department Award

Minnesota Department of Education Certificates in French
Trent Chiodo ● Peter Fortier ● Sam Harris ● Kate Hennings ● Brynne Whitmann


Latin Department Award

National Latin Exam: Gold Medals 
Andrew Karpenko ● Clara Stein


Mathematics Awards

Council of Presidential Awardees in Math
Sam Harris ● Annika Johnson ● Michael DiNardo ● Jack Daenzer ● Andrew Karpenko

Newton Award
Patrick Cullinan ● Clara Stein


Senior Science Award
Clara Stein


Congratulations, seniors! We are so proud of your hard work and commitment to excellence. May you continue to find joy and success in the next leg of your journey!

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