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Making a Difference: Maddie, Helen, and Ms. Beck

Posted by Melissa Mortenson on Apr 11, 2018

Excerpt from Minnehaha Magazine, Spring 2018 Edition

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Topics: Co-Curricular, Upper School

Where the Arts Can Take You

Posted by Melissa Mortenson on Aug 4, 2016

Arts education is often the first to suffer when budgets get tight in schools, but the arts have been and continue to be a high priority at Minnehaha Academy.   The founding members of Minnehaha believed that the arts could take students far in life. So much so, that when Minnehaha opened its doors in 1913, music was one of its four main departments of study (photo below is from 1918).  

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Topics: Co-Curricular, Middle School, Upper School, Lower School, Alumni Stories

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