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Good News About Who Our Students Are Becoming, Pt. 1

Posted by Amy Barnard on Jan 14, 2019

In this two-part series we look at how students at the Middle School are learning to find the "I can" in the midst of challenges they face, choosing to make this sometimes awkward yet very special season of life their time to shine.

Last year English teacher Chantal Ulferts worked with a student who just couldn’t seem to connect with books.

Reading wasn’t a joy, and the boy was close to writing himself off as a non-reader.

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Encouraging Reluctant Writers: Preparing Students for Success Part 4

Posted by Amy Barnard on Dec 13, 2018


Developing the drive for effective communication and the ability to connect literacy with areas of passion.

Recap: What's the Why?

If you've read our first post in this series, The Jobs That Don't Exist, you already know that more than half of the jobs our students will step into don't even exist today.

Our faculty work to prepare students not only with excellent academic skills, but also with the so-called "soft skills" that research shows are key to success in any job market. From clear communication to follow-through, research suggests that these soft skills may be even more important than academic success.

The final area we will look at in this series is how the Lower School writing curriculum both fosters a joy in communication and helps students to tap into the drive that is necessary to finish a project.

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Nathan Stromberg's Commissioned Art Unveiled at Lambeau Field in Green Bay

Posted by Rebekah Peterson on Jul 20, 2017

Congratulations to Upper School art faculty Nathan Stromberg. He was commissioned by the Green Bay Packers to create nine original works of art for display at Lambeau Field.

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2017 Commencement Address: Dr. Matthew Ridenour

Posted by Rebekah Peterson on Jun 9, 2017


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Celebrating Minnehaha Academy Graduates [Video]

Posted by Rebekah Peterson on Jun 9, 2017


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2017 Minnehaha Academy Commencement [Photos]

Posted by Rebekah Peterson on Jun 8, 2017

Congratulations to our 2017 graduates!

What an accomplishment to graduate. All of the hours studying and learning have paid off and you are now preparing to embark on a new adventure!

View the full photo gallery from Commencement.

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Middle Schoolers Blast Off on New Adventures During BLAST Day

Posted by Rebekah Peterson on May 16, 2017

Rock climbing at Vertical Endeavors; learning how to overcome the obstacles in American Ninja Warrior; creating a stop-motion animation; or learning how to knit, make lace, and crochet. These are just some of the cool activities that Middle School teachers organize for students on BLAST Day - Bodies, Brains, and Buddies Learning About Startling Topics.

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Cultural Field Experience: Exploring Cultures, Gaining Experience

Posted by Rebekah Peterson on Mar 28, 2017

Cultural Field Experience (CFE) is a week-long program in the spring that gives students in grades 9-11 the opportunity to experience a culture other than their own. Students travel around the world, country, state, and city participating in unique programs designed to expand their worldview and experience a new culture.

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Minnehaha Academy Junior Invited to Perform in Concert

Posted by Rebekah Peterson on Mar 16, 2017

Congratulations to Minnehaha Academy junior Daniel Stein. The 17-year-old pianist was invited to perform in the MacPhail Center for Music Concerto & Aria Recital. To qualify, Daniel performed in front of a panel of judges during two rounds of auditions.

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Ice Skating at Minnehaha Academy [Video]

Posted by Rebekah Peterson on Feb 22, 2017


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