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Sled Dog Rides for Preschoolers [Photos & Video]

Posted by Rebekah Peterson on Feb 7, 2020

The snow was fast as Minnehaha Academy's 3-year-old preschool students and their parents zipped along the beautiful West River Parkway via sled dog!

These special visitors came on Alaska Day. Alaska Day celebrates what students have learned about the state of Alaska over the last month. 


Our young learners have spent the month learning about the Alaska's various animals and fish, modes of transportation, its geography, and other interesting facts. 

Before they took the ride, preschoolers learned that the dogs are working dogs and that they love to run! When the dogs had their harnesses on, they couldn't wait to do what they do best...speed along on the fast snow.

See photo gallery.

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Baby Jesus Play [Photos]

Posted by Rebekah Peterson on Dec 20, 2019

The four-year-old preschoolers did an excellent job performing their Baby Jesus Play for family and Lower School students. They spent weeks memorizing their lines and the songs, and all of that work paid off! We are so proud of what our students accomplish. Thank you, preschoolers, for your beautiful gift of the play and songs.

Photo Gallery Link


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Preschool Christmas Concert [Photos]

Posted by Rebekah Peterson on Dec 20, 2019

What a beautiful job the three-year-old preschoolers did as they performed Christmas songs. What a blessing to hear their sweet voices!

Full gallery.


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Preschoolers Deep Dive Into Ocean Unit [Photos]

Posted by Rebekah Peterson on Nov 22, 2019

"It's time for science!" exclaimed one preschooler excitedly as teacher Ms. Van Gordon lifted up an octopus in front of the young children.

The preschoolers had spent a month learning scientific facts about ocean creatures, singing songs about the sea, and reading stories about fish.

Beach Day was a celebration of all they had learned. 

They created shell necklaces, made a fish print on a shirt using a real fish, and then got to get hands on with an octopus. 

  • "Where is the beak?"
  • "What is inside of its head?"
  • "How do the suction cups on its tentacles actually feel?"
  • "Did you know octopus can get into tiny spaces because they don't have any bones?"
  • "I know that an octopus is really smart."

The astute observations and questions from these students made clear all that they had learned about the mollusk. 

The day was a joyful celebration of the excitement that learning new things can inspire.

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