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How to Choose Summer Camps That Will Inspire Your Child

Posted by Rebekah Peterson on Mar 1, 2017

IMG_8475.jpgIn a summer camp, learning is effortlessly laced into a day full of fun. Summer camps are for growing and character building. Camps encourage kids to play hard and try a whole variety of new experiences. With wonderful options like gardening, rock-climbing, swimming, crafts, and sports of every kind, children often find new and lasting interests.

With so many summer camp options, choosing an appropriate summer camp can be a hard task. You’ll want to pick a camp where your child thrives. Here's how to find one that will inspire your child.

For a Child Who Enjoys the Spotlight

This child loves to perform for a crowd and enjoys the spotlight. If this sounds like your child, a good fit may be a drama camp, music camp, dance camp, etc. Or perhaps your child wants a more specialized focus, say in basketball, fencing or gymnastics.

For a Child Who Seeks Adventure

If your child is not afraid to try something new, loves the outdoors and craves new experiences—especially if they're physicaltry a camp focused on outdoor activities or with programs that offer a level of adventure, including favorites like rope courses and boating. Also, consider outdoor-focused camps specializing in wilderness, hiking, or environmental studies.

For the Shy Child

If you are raising an introvert, try tapping into a single interest or familiar group of people to keep your child comfortable in summer camp. Your child might prefer a camp that's part of his school or religious group. You can also try sending your child with a buddy, like a best friend or a sibling.

For the Child Who Likes New Challenges

Challenge-driven children might be interested in running for student office or even kick-starting entirely new clubs or organizations. If you child often speaks up, wants to be heard and loves meeting new people, consider leadership programs, international studies camps, or farm experience camps. Even if your child isn't a traditional extrovert, these camps might be a good fit.  

For the Tech-Savvy Child

This child is always up for a new intellectual challenge, likes to solve problems, and is an analytical thinker. For such a child, choose from a full range of specialty camps for the high-tech minded to traditional camps with computer-based sessions.  Maybe your child is a budding digital photographer or a game-modeling pro. Your child may even shine in theater set design or aviation.

For the Creative and Hands-On Child

If your child is creative and loves a true hands-on experience, look for creative camps that have a range of activities, from cooking to magic or web design. Encourage your child to try new activities and explore new opportunities to shine.

For the Child With Special Needs

Many children with special needs do very well in traditional camp programs. If a child is mainstreamed in school, he or she can usually be mainstreamed at camp. However, camps for children with special needs can work on specific tasks that children might need or want to work on. These camps often have professionals on staff who are specially trained to help children participate in traditional camp activities.

Summer Programs at Minnehaha

Of course, Minnehaha Academy also offers summer camp experiences for kids in the Twin Cities. Our summer programs are age-appropriate, creative, academically challenging, rewarding and fun. They offer flexible schedules to allow your child to experience different opportunities for growth, learning and fun in a safe and welcoming environment.

As in classes during the school year, students will experience high-quality education integrating Christian faith and learning. The programs provide classes for students entering grades Pre-K through grade 12. There are academic courses, enrichment classes, sports camps, and a general day camp.

No matter which one you choose, sending your child to a summer camp is a great way to help him or her grow as a person, as well as create fond memories, lasting friendships and a passion for learning.

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