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Upper and Middle School Latin Exam: An Excellent Showing!

Posted by Amy Barnard on Jul 16, 2020


Every year Minnehaha Academy Latin students test their knowledge on the National Latin Exam. This year both Middle and Upper School students continued the tradition of excellence.

Only about 40% of students who take this test win an award of any kind.  At MA, the percentage of Middle School students who earn an award is 73%! 

Upper School students also held their own, pulling in 23 individual awards. Here’s the breakdown of those honors:


Latin IA Awards:

28 students took the test and 18 students won awards. 

Special Certificate of Achievement:
Máximo Maximus Martín
Finley Valeria Lefebvre
A.J. Alma Carlson
B Alma Sahlstrom
Elizabeth Prima Lee Gonzalez
Gisella Viviana Harder
Kaden Ignatius Wali
Benny Tiro Carlson
Leah Lucretia DiNardo
Mimi Veronica Blomgren

Outstanding Achievement:
Audrey Gaia Osterberg
Jaeda Anastasia Hutchinson
Lucas Lucius Eckman
Sophia Aula Verdoorn
Ben Augustinus Noble
Jeffrey Victor Ratliff
Makai Ioannes Bates*
Henry Horatius Olson*

*Missed only ONE question!


8th Grade Latin Awards:

12 students took the test and we had 8 winners. 

Cum Laude (with praise) Award:
Gavin Petrus Beck

Magna Cum Laude (with great praise) Award:
Savannah Silvia Switzer
Charlotte Catharina Wold
Gabrielle Aemilia Wamre

Silver Medal, Maxima Cum Laude (with greatest praise) Award:
Solomon Rufus O’Bert
Aidan Larius Ghylin
Ben Marcus Stromberg
Hailey Tulllllllia Hill 

Gold Medal, Summa Cum Laude (with highest praise) Award: 
Sienna Fulvia Kath

Gratulationes omnibus!  We are so proud of you all!



Level Two

Cum Laude
Victoria Hoekstra
David John

Magna Cum Laude
Simon Poelman
Lincoln Reichenau

Maxima Cum Laude, Silver Medal
Owen Hagedorn
Lars Ramgren
Ellie Novak
Benji Koeckeritz
Owen Hoffner
Geoffrey Shrantz

Summa Cum Laude, Gold Medal
Grace Kassebaum


Level Three 

Cum Laude
Zeke Daniel

Magna Cum Laude
Isaac Kostecky


Level Four 

Magna Cum Laude
Tim Siems
Leah Wasson
Chris Olson
Jordon Bates

Maxima Cum Laude, Silver Medal
Annika Currell
Gabriel King

Summa Cum Laude, Gold Medal
Alexis Stanley (Fourth Gold Medal)


Level 5 

Summa Cum Laude, Gold Medal
Sophie King
Clara Stein
Andrew Karpenko

Amazing job, students! Thank you for your consistent commitment to excellence.

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