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What Is The Power of One Voice?

Posted by Rebekah Peterson on Jan 24, 2017 11:03:48 AM


The Upper School Choral Program is busy preparing for One Voice: The MA Revue 2017. Revue is the biennial creative counterpart to the Madrigal Dinner featuring Minnehaha choirs and Madrigal Singers. The students will be performing a wide variety of musical genres and selections to entertain, spur joy, inspire and make you think.

Senior Eli Aronson says “the project is unique in that the concert features solos and small groups, and that we, the singers, pick the repertoire.”

The Creative Process

“It really has been remarkable to see and hear what these student musicians are bringing to the table” says Director Karen Lutgen. “We started the process in September, discussing themes and talking about using the Revue to present something of substance- something that mattered to them and our community. During our annual Madrigal Singer retreat in December we listened to music, discussed themes, and thought critically about how to tell a cohesive and well-paced narrative while featuring as many voices as possible in as many musical styles as possible. The resulting program that is taking shape makes me incredibly proud.”

The process and theme has made an impact on the students as well. “For me, the theme One Voice represents unity, equality and trust” says junior Anna Northenscold. “It is a message within itself that addresses how together, as a community, we can become one through music.”


The Power of Voice

The theme One Voice addresses the importance of the singular as well as collective voice. One lone voice can make a difference. You can share your voice and be the one who says "let's reconsider" or the one who innovates, leads and inspires the world to a new, stronger future for all. Collective action starts with that one voice, bringing others together as a collective one.

What voices do we let influence us? To whom do we listen? How can we be better at letting God speak to us and be the voice of love and grace we all need?

Junior Catherine Vitt says this year's Revue “reminds us that God gave us good things like music and love and friends and hope and jokes and another day tomorrow to do better than yesterday.”

Attend One Voice

Tickets for ONE VOICE: Revue 2017 can be purchased online via www.minnehahaacademy.net/revue, or by contacting revue@minnehahaacademy.net.

Students $6, Adults $12, Patrons (reserved seating and tax deductible gift) $35. Ticket includes dessert during intermission. Proceeds from the event go to choir tour scholarships and additional funding for the needs of the choral program.

How are you using your one voice? Join us!

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